East Belfast 2

East Belfast 2

Located on a quiet leafy street in East Belfast, our client's semi-detached house enjoys the generous rear garden.

The original ground floor layout was detached from the outside, with only one small door in the kitchen linking the house with the garden.

The rooms were disconnected from each other and thus limited the interaction between the family members.

The client's brief was to create a space that enables the whole family to cook, eat and relax together effortlessly.

They envisioned a space that opens to the garden and brings natural light in.

Our design approach was to split the downstairs space in two by keeping a separate lounge at the front of the house and creating a multifunctional open-plan space to the rear.

By adding a side extension, we could stretch the floor plan, ensuring all three cooking, dining and living zones worked together.

The fully glazed side extension gained extra width and brought evening light into the East facing the rear of the house.

Inserting a 3-sided glazed light well between the solid exposed brickwork wall and the rest of the room added character and an unexpected volume.

You are getting a glimpse of this excitement from the front of the house, where the extension can be partially seen.