McDade, South Belfast

McDade, South Belfast

Beautifully located on the edge of a golf course, the cottage was dated and lacked identity.

The tired looking, boxy rooms didn't take advantage of the view and light.

They were completely separated from each other, which was in opposition to how our client wanted to live.

The solution was to join three separate rooms together.

Absorbing a long, dark corridor into the space allowed us to get some much-needed width so that the newly created large open plan kitchen/living/dining gained well-balanced proportions.

Three large, carefully positioned, slimline roof windows ensure that the space is well lit during the day.

They add the volume, height and rhythm, making the room spacious in all directions and visually pleasing.

The character of the original bungalow has been retained from the front.

In contrast, the existing small windows and the masonry to the rear have been completely removed and replaced with a wall of glass.

The large patio was designed to allow a seamless connection between in and out, creating a private outdoor space in the beautiful surrounding of mature trees and hedges.