SSAS Solutions

SSAS Solutions

Our client purchased this rundown office building intending to create a vibrant working environment that would suit both the staff and the visitors.

The internal layout was reconfigured to allow for a combination of individual offices and an open plan desk and a large waiting area, meeting room and ancillary accommodation.

A distinctive industrial-chic loft style was proposed, further enhanced by opening the ceiling and exposing the existing steel trusses.

Brick slips were introduced on walls carefully balanced with white walls and ceilings not to overwhelm the overall appearance.

Full height timber frame glass screens were installed in the individual offices to allow natural light in and a sense of transparency.

Cabinetry within the offices was designed according to the client's requirements.

Centrally located walnut room divider was carefully positioned to separate the circulation and working space.

It's both striking and practical as it provides hidden storage and cabinetry.

All the other finishes, including flooring, tiles, sanitary ware, loose furniture and light fittings, were selected in line with the overall industrial-chic loft style of the interior.