Our client appointed us to transform their newly purchased house into a home that their growing family desired.

The brief involved redesigning the main entrance hall, relocating the staircase, adding the downstairs toilet and cloakroom, extending the kitchen/living/dining area allowing for more space and a better flow.

Upstairs, a master bedroom suite was required, along with the reconfiguration of the existing layout.

Enhancing the connections with a mature garden to the rear and bringing the natural light in was vital.

A contemporary frameless glass box extension was introduced, ensuring that the design remained sympathetic with the existing building.

Focusing on scale and form, contrast and harmony, high-quality materials resulted in a striking addition to the existing space, now flooded with light.

Our client purchased this tired-looking semi-detached house with an ambition to extend and renovate it to reflect their modern way of living.

The space was dysfunctional, and rooms were disconnected from each other.

The solution was to demolish the existing detached garage blocking the evening light and incorporate this freed space into the garden.

Once dark and dated, the kitchen extension is now transformed into an open plan living space with a generous kitchen, an island, dining and sitting area.

A muted colour palette of interiors provides an excellent backdrop for our client's artwork.

Carefully positioned roof lights ensure that natural light is drawn into the space.

The front room has been revamped and reconnected with the rest of the house by introducing sliding doors to create a snug as a contrast to the main light-filled open space.

Located on a quiet leafy street in East Belfast, our client's semi-detached house enjoys the generous rear garden.

The original ground floor layout was detached from the outside, with only one small door in the kitchen linking the house with the garden.

The rooms were disconnected from each other and thus limited the interaction between the family members.

The client's brief was to create a space that enables the whole family to cook, eat and relax together effortlessly.

They envisioned a space that opens to the garden and brings natural light in.

Beautifully located on the edge of a golf course, the cottage was dated and lacked identity.

The tired looking, boxy rooms didn't take advantage of the view and light.

They were completely separated from each other, which was in opposition to how our client wanted to live.

The solution was to join three separate rooms together.

Absorbing a long, dark corridor into the space allowed us to get some much-needed width so that the newly created large open plan kitchen/living/dining gained well-balanced proportions.

Three large, carefully positioned, slimline roof windows ensure that the space is well lit during the day.

They add the volume, height and rhythm, making the room spacious in all directions and visually pleasing.

The character of the original bungalow has been retained from the front.

In contrast, the existing small windows and the masonry to the rear have been completely removed and replaced with a wall of glass.

The large patio was designed to allow a seamless connection between in and out, creating a private outdoor space in the beautiful surrounding of mature trees and hedges.

The client's brief was to extend, renovate and reconfigure the existing house to tailor it to their requirements and desires.

Other important factors were improving the space and the flow, maximising natural light, allowing for visual connections with the garden, and unifying the external facades.

The design resulted in a double-height open plan kitchen/living/dining flooded with natural light from above, with added drama due to its height and unusual shape.

The orangery style space was added to the side, instantly transforming the existing dark room into a bright living space and reflecting the homeowners' personal style.

The whole exterior was re-rendered, plaster bands were added along with details to the balconies and windows, which resulted in a harmonious and stylish house.

The existing single-storey dwelling on a hilltop site did not take advantage of the spectacular panoramic views.

Our client wanted to make use of the unique location and explore its opportunities.

We reconfigured the existing plan, locating all the bedrooms on the ground floor, moving the living spaces to the newly created first floor and orientating large windows to capture the panoramic views.

Externally the downstairs of the dwelling is clad in dark natural stone contrasting with white crisp render applied on the first floor.

The family of this dwelling had outgrown the accommodation.

On the ground floor at the rear was a kitchen so small that occupants couldn't eat in it, a utility room with no access to the outside and a snug.

In addition, the chalet type roof at the rear reduced the amount of usable space on the first floor.

The owners had landscaped their back garden a few years earlier but could not enjoy it from the inside.

The brief was to create a large open plan kitchen/living/dining with lots of light.

Our clients envisaged it opening onto the South facing rear garden and wanted to create more bedroom space without decreasing the outdoor space.

We removed all the intermediate walls and the rear façade on the ground floor to create one large space.

The enclosed stairs were replaced with a minimal, glazed oak staircase that allowed light in and garden views from the front door area.

Upstairs was reconfigured to allow four bedrooms, en-suite, walk-in wardrobe and a family bathroom.

The extension's exterior is clad in a rain screen lead, with secret flashings and rainwater details.

Located on the outskirts of South Belfast, the original dwelling was set in a garden with established boundaries.

It was surrounded by mature tree cover that provided privacy and scale.

In addition, it had been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the family who commissioned it.

But the house had been rented for several years, and the dwelling and gardens had become tired and neglected.

Our client family's requirements were much different from the programmatic of the dwelling they purchased.

Much more connection to the garden from the everyday living spaces was desired, and the requirement for an outdoor living and entertainment space for both children and adults.

Natural light was also a critical element that needed to be incorporated.

The external appearance of the dwelling was very symmetrical, but internally that symmetry was lost within the dramatic hallway.

The proposal was to break through existing walls and chimneys to extend the symmetry of the dwelling through the existing building.

This would lead to a heavily glazed kitchen/living/dining space fully integrated with the garden.

Our clients appointed us to refurbish their existing house and create a vibrant open plan kitchen/living/dining that corresponds with their modern way of living.

They envisaged a space that connects the inside with the outside, brings natural light in and stretches the house's boundary to the outside.

As keen gardeners, this was particularly important to our clients as they wanted to maximise the potential of their beautifully landscaped garden.

The design added a single storey flat roof extension, opening the rear of the house to the garden and incorporating the utility and downstairs toilet in the middle/dark section of the dwelling.

The contemporary flat roof window was introduced to flood the deep end of the kitchen with natural light.

Carefully designed integrated cabinetry allows for hidden storage whilst creating comfortable and practical relaxation and eating areas.

Whilst dedicated zones for cooking, eating and entertaining were established, the space is united by the muted palette of colours, textures. It is well balanced with a lush exterior.